Do you know any books like this?

I heard of a book where the main character goes to different countries and the chapters are written in the language of that country? Do you know this book or any other books where different languages are used?

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  • Joss
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    5 years ago

    39 Clues. these are books where two siblings visit different countries. TBH, it wouldn't make sense to write the books in different languages. Are u sure abt this part? So, how would American readers read a book in French? Most Americans are monolingual. Most books are printed and written in the language of its readers. Doing what you say these books do would kill sells, as no one will buy a book that they can't read. It's different to have a book completely written in a foreign language versus having phrases and words of that language scattered throughout the book, but most of all, books have to be readable to its readers. And, if a book that's originally written in French and set in France would get translated to English for an American readership and vice versa, this is so readers can read it, because otherwise they can't.

    The 39 Clues books are written by different authors and the two characters go to a different country in each book looking for clues to something. Never read them

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