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Make cheap eye shadow stay on?

I never wear eye shadows but bought a really cheap palette one to wear for fancy dress party. Is there a way I can make the colours look bolder and last through the night?

I use face primer anyway. Will this help? Should i apply it over foundation or concealer?

Any tips?

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    try primer and also up a white eyeliner on your lid as a base for your other eyeshadow so it really stands out

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    Mary Kays Eye Primer - Here's the ideal preliminary to offer you some assistance with creating eye looks that get consideration. This new, waterproof equation makes an establishment so your eye hues float on easily and stay flawlessly set up longer – without wrinkling or smirching. It's demonstrated to amplify and strengthen eye shading.

  • Robyn
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    5 years ago

    Cheap palette = cheap quality. If the palette lacks pigmentation, there is really nothing you can do. Applying it over concealer can help a little bit, but that's the quality you get when you spend a dollar on an eyeshadow palette.

  • lauren
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    5 years ago

    You can also get eye primer and face setting spray which you just spray on and it helps it to last. But then you might as well buy a better eyeshadow lol. If it is just for the one night, you can use hairspray it makes your makeup last but don't do this long term as its bad for your skin it can give you spots.

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  • Lava
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    5 years ago

    White base. So something like NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk, a creamy base will work better than a powder one.

  • 5 years ago

    use an eye crayon of your shadow color before applying thee shadow

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