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Dyed blonde hair to dyed black?

I have naturally dark blonde/mousy hair.

I have been using Nice n Easy SB2 Permanent to make it lighter for years. (its almost white when first applied before it fades)

But I want to go black, jet black.

How should I go about this?

Can I just buy a do it at home dye and do it myself?

What is the best (but preferably cheapest) way to get the look I want.

Can anyone help, any advice?

PS. I tested a jet black wig and everyone thought it was real and looked great. I think it suits be better than blonde.

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    Doing such a drastic color change at home can be a bad idea, but it all depends on what you're comfortable with. It's always a better idea to get it done by a professional, but of course that can be costly. Maybe call your local hair dresser and ask for their opinion, just to see what the best option is. Maybe get it done professionally the first time, then touch up the roots from there on out by yourself.

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