Have you ever hated somebody so much that you wished they were dead?

I do, how do you stop hating someone that you wish would die...who has harmed you? The person is a sociopath and thinks what he has done is funny...he has literally ruined lives and then hides behind a "Jesus" facade. This man deserves death...but he is still running the streets ruining lives.
Update: How do you stop hating someone so evil?
Update 2: He ruined an innocent babies life...and several others...this man enjoys harming others.
Update 3: No therapist will ever undo what he has done....I wont be happy until I know he is dead, or has suffered a tragic death or debilitating illness.
Update 4: If someone harms my family, or me in such a terrible way...purposely...I will be psychotic and the most severe form of punishment upon his life, and that would still not serve him justice until he rots in hell.
Update 5: I have tried to empathize with him, but he is harming others still...and I want him to pay.
Update 6: Thanks for all the answers. I decide to forgive today.
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