Does running at a regular time matter?

So I m a beginner at running and I was wondering does it do you really have to run at the same time everyday to get really good results or could you just run at any time of the day and also can you guys give me some tips on running to help me

2 Answers

  • 5 years ago

    no, it is good to run at different times if you plan on racing. Only running at the same time of day everyday means your body may not do well if you have to race at another time of day.

    If you are only running for fitness then you can run anytime.

    Run easy, do not stress yourself in the beginning until your body is conditioned to running.

    wear good shoes, cool down by walking for about 10 minutes after running then stretch gently and drink water.

  • 5 years ago

    nope. run when you can. your body doent know the difference. give your body at least 20 hrs rest in between to allow repair. i dont run in the am but that is me. im a late night hawk.

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