Can you buy a car on ssi? I plan on having help from a VR person to help me with a PASS (plan to achieve self support with social security)?

I'm hoping to get a car so I can get a job and eventually get off of ssi. I am going to have a vocal rehabilitation person help me with pass with social security. It's a plan to achieve self support. That way I can have a better life for my daughter and I. also would be able to help my friends. I don't want to lease a car. I want to save for a brand new car out right with good gas mileage so I can afford gas while I drop my daughter off at a friends house and go to work and not have to worry about repairs.


I don't want to get a used car. I want to get a car I don't have to worry about repairs while I'm am working to be able to get a job and can afford the gas.

Update 2:

can't get a car loan as my income is to low. I need a car for a job as my town has no public transport. I need to be able to get a car to drop my 14 month old daughter off at a friends house when I go to school to become a nurse. Also I can start taking a couple classes online that would help towards becoming a nurse.

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    The PASS is exactly what you need. Follow rehbs advice and instructions.

  • Judith
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    5 years ago

    Sure if you can get a loan or you buy one outright. You can get a decent used car for under $2000 if you don't care what it looks like (I know because I had one myself). SSI allows one motor vehicle of any value - the value does NOT count toward the $2000 resource limitation (if single). However, it does count the full value of a second motor vehicle so if you are married and it is a second vehicle you would become ineligible if the value of the vehicle plus other countable resources are $3000 or more.

    You cannot have saved resources of $2000 or more to buy a car. I don't see that saving toward a car is necessary for obtaining a job; PASS program or not. However you should visit social security and speak with an SSI claims rep about it. I worked for seven years before buying myself a car at age 25 and there were plenty of years after that I used the bus system anyway even though I had a car to save on expenses. And before I got the car there was a couple of years I walked to and from work.

    Source: I was a social security claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • ANDY
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    5 years ago


    You are paid SSI, This is calculated to give you enough money to live on, As long as you keep all your bills paid you can do whatever you want with any left over money

    Andy C

  • Kini
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    5 years ago

    You cant be choosey when the PASS program is helping you get a car. You have to make repairs for all used cars.

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