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Is Harry Potter: The Exhibition, currently located in La Cite Du Cinema, Saint Denis, in English?

Although I would prefer to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I don't live in the US.

I booked a trip to Paris and London for four days each city. I would like to go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour, however it seems rather expensive for my budget (As I initially planned to have another person with me, that alone brings the price of ticket + transportation to 200$)

Since Harry Potter: The Exhibition is located currently in La Cite Du Cinema about 30-40 minutes from Paris, I was wondering if it is self guided (as I had read the Warner Bros tour is) and if it is in English (as I do not speak French). If the tour itself is not guided in English, can it be self guided? The website also has an audio guide that can be bought. Is the audio guide in English? And as such, can it be used as an alternative to the guide at the exhibition, if they don't speak/guide in English? Basically, I'm asking how accessible the exhibition is for an English speaking tourist. Would it reasonable to simply buy a ticket + audio guide and then just go with that?

Prefer someone who has been there to answer.

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    You might try contacting Cinematheque Francaise. It is in Bercy, Paris. I realize this has nothing to do with Harry Potter - The Exhibition - But they have probably the world's largest collection of cinema related objects. They do speak English

    and certainly could and will answer all your questions

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