Any good ideas for an anime series? (10 points for best answer!?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You should have mentioned the type you like but I'll just suggest my personal favorites.

    Angel beats

    Ano hana

    Elfen lied

    Ouran High school host club


    Black Butler

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai


    Ichigo Mashimaro

    My favorite of the mainstream ones in the states are probably full metal alchemist, inuyasha, and an old one I used to love was zatch bell.

  • 6 years ago

    Death Note

    Black Butler

    Full Metal Alchemist

    Steins; Gate

    Parasite- the maximum

  • Shawna
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    My top anime that are must sees:

    Full Metal Alchemist (original or Brotherhood) - Storytelling done right in a long series. Two boys use alchemy to try to fix thier and others problems but other issues arise from this.

    Trigun - classic, older animation. Wild west on an alien planet.

    Cowboy Beebop - classic, amazing music. Space Bounty Hunters.

    Full Metal Panic - quintessential Mech anime. Teenage boy is military specialist and assigned to protect beautiful girl.

    Sailor Moon (the 1st season mostly) - the progenitor of the Magical Girl Genre

    Akira - a bit antiquated but amazingly influential to the western anime market.

    Everything/Anything done by Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki - Japanese Disney

    Classics, progenitor of the Harem Genre:

    Love Hina - Guy can't get into college and becomes the manager of an all girls dorm

    Tenchi Muyo- Naive guy becomes the object for a bunch of aliens

    Ranma 1/2 - Martial arts. Boy turns into a girl when splashed with water

    Neon Genesis Evangelion (The Original anime and movies) - Classic, beginning of the Gainax Ending

    Slayers: A D&D game come to life. A beautiful, talented Sorceress travels around adventuring. Older animation but a classic.

    Not all of the series are great but they all brought something to anime that has been copied and enjoyed since.

    A few of my favs, other than the list above:

    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - Like South Park/Family Guy? You will love this! Don't be turned off by the art!

    Free! - Pretty pretty animation! Mostly Naked Men!!! Pretty boys want to swim together like they did as kids

    Princess Tutu - Magical Girl with an amazing ending, if you enjoy classical music and ballet you will like this.

    Hidamari Sketch - Relaxing, Slice of Life about girls going to an art school

    Fruits Basket - classic, orphaned girl moves in with a group of guy that have a secret

    Skip Beat - a scorned girl decides to enter show business to get back at the guy who hurt her

    Kamisama Kiss - destitute girl becomes the new god of a broken down shrine

    Kimi ni Todoke - scary faced girl hopes for friends and love

    My First Love - Big teddy bear kinda guy has his first love with an adorable girl (currently airing)

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Girl tries to confess to her crush only to end up work for him, he is a famous manka-ka

    Kaichou wa Maid-sama - super strict female student body president moonlights as a maid at a maid cafe

    Special A - Tough, sweet girl consistently competes with the top guy in the school and interacts with the top students as well

    Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!) - group of highschool freshmen living in their own delusional worlds and falling in love along the way

    Nisekoi - two children of mafia leaders must fake a relationship to keep a massive turf war from happening. The girl hates the boy and the boy has a massive crush on another girl.

    Hentai Prince and Stony Cat - A boy that has no filter on his mouth and a girl who shows no emotions work through their issues

    Bunny Drop (Usagi Drop) - Sweet story about a man who takes in his grandfathers 5 year old daughter after he dies and all the cuteness that comes from learning to live together.

    Pretear - Magical girl anime about a girl who must save the worlds energy (called leafe) from an evil princess. Magical girl retelling of snow white (kinda)

    Sgt. Frog - Alien frogs from the A.R.M.P.I.T Platoon land on Earth to stage a hostile take over and hilarity ensues

    Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Wimpy kid becomes the disciple of 5+ Masters mostly against his will and promptly begins to beat the crap out of everyone

    xxxHolic - Guy can see ghosts. Finds a 'shop' to help him.

    Detective Conan - High school super genius detective gets turned into a kid and has to find out who did it while still solving cases.

    Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok - The Norse god Loki is turned into a child as a punishment and solves supernatural cases while trying to get back to normal.

    Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - A group of long lost friends come back together to grant the dying wish of a friend they lost as kids.

    Toradora - Tsundere girl and thug looking guy try to help each other get their crushes

    My Little Monster - delinquent guy and shy girl find love in a round about way

    Brothers Conflict - two seperate families are joined in marriage and now one girl has 13 new brothers that may or may not be falling for her

    Uta no Prince-sama - Girl joins exclusive music academy to write songs. Creates her own boyband.

    Say I Love You - Introverted girl and super popular boy in a relationship

    Kamigami no Asobi - Girl gets transported to a high school full of male Gods and must help them.

    Puella Madoka Magica - amazing deconstruction of the magical girl genre

    Soul Eater - School for kids learning to be death weapons and their wielders. Strong Female Lead.

    Yu Yu Hakusho - Delinquent kids become supernatural detectives. Series is on the older side.

    Nana - Two girls named Nana meet and decide to live together. Shows their struggles in life.

    Full Moon wo Sagashite - Girl dreams of becoming a singer, but can't because of the tumor in her throat. With the help of two Shinigamis, she is able to sing again.

    Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo - A girl with ordinary music skills enters a competition for very skilled musicians with the help of a magical violin.

    Beck - A boy meets a guitarist and becomes a member of his band. The anime follows their struggle to fame.

    K-On - Slice of Life about 5 girls as they join the Light Music Club

    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - Artistic group of highschoolers live together

    Baka to test to shoukanjuu - High School students battle it out with avatars that represent their grades.

    Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo) - Guy discovers his sisters secret hobby. (not a hentai!)

    The World God Only Knows - Dating sim master is given a demon contract and must now use his skills on actual girls

    Spice and Wolf - Wolf goddess and a tradesman travel together.

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) - Group of students create a club to find friends.

    The Daily Life of High School Boys - Exactly as the title says

    Inuyasha - Girl falls down a well to the feudal era. She breaks a powerful jewel and must put it back together with a group of friends

    Ouran High School Host Club - A girl breaks a priceless vase and must now maquerade as a boy to make up the cost.

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Odd girl decides to make a club to attract aliens, time travelers and espers. And she does.

    Steins:Gate - A self proclaimed mad scientist receives a way to time travel and now must solve the mystery.

    Hetalia - The countries of the world are represented as people and they interact! It's hilarious!

    Hana Yori Dango (Boys over Flowers) - A poor girl goes to the most expensive school in the country and has a run in with the F4, four of the richest boys in the school and the country!

    Hana Kimi (manga or live action only) - American girl falls in love with a boy long jumper she sees on TV. Moves to Japan to go to school with him, only to learn he goes to an all boys school. She dresses as a boy to get in and becomes is roommate.

    KareKano (His and Her Circumstances - A smart girl with a dual personality tries to out do and finally falls for the smartest guy is school.

    B Gata H Kei ( Yamadas First Time ) - Girl decides she wants to 'kiss' 100 boys before she graduates. Decides to practice on the shyest guy in class.

    The Wallflower - Girl that loves gory, scary movies and the occult has to be made into a lady by a house full of the prettiest boys in japan.

    Mushi-shi - Man travels Japan solving mysteries involving Mushi (spirits kind of). Gorgeous animation.

    Kyoukai no Rinne - Girl can see ghosts and decides to help the half-shinigami boy in class.

    Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) - Young girl works as a child star and deals with school and friends.

    Samurai Champloo - Two roaming Samurai and a waitress search for the samurai who smells of sunflowers. Set to an amazing Hip-Hop soundtrack.

    Cute High Earth Defense Club - Magical Boy anime. Take everything from the magical girl genre and gender bend it.

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