Is my ignition coil bad trying to check each one but the intake is in the way of two. Can you mixed the coil around to check which is bad?

The engine is a little shaky buy sometimes stop on drive it starts to like misfire or like wanting to stall out and it does it like very 30 second then goes away then come back

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  • 5 years ago

    its easy to check coils go to a auto part store buy a $5-$10 ignition coil checker I believe it checks your spark plugs also. You can also test your spark plug wires with a multimeter look it up on youtube Chrisfix has a good video on all this. But don't go out buying new ignition coils innless you got cash they are about $50+ a piece and rarely go out a good tip add dielectric grease to the boot of the ignition coil it will seal the charge

  • M.
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    5 years ago

    Can you mixed the coil around?

    I can tell that English is not your native language.

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