A cheaper alternative to coil over suspension ?

My vauxhall astra van is due for mot soon and it has been lowered on coil overs by the previous owner when i bought it 2 years ago.

However the drivers side front has become damaged and will need replacing but the price of them is quite steep plus i dont know if I want coils back on the van as the ride is quite rough especially if you hit something in the road feels like your spine and teeth will break.

Somebody mentioned to me having standard shocks put on with lowering springs or sport suspension but I am torn whether to just get a new car which i dont really want to do due to the van being a 1 of a kind.

If anyone has any advice on what would be a good suspension setup to take would be really beneficial.


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  • 6 years ago

    There isn't a cheaper alternative. Coil overs were invented precisely because they're a far cheaper way to build a suspension, especially when it also acts as a steering pivot.

    But there are coil overs and there are coil overs. Yours are probably the expensive performance items, with shorter, stiffer, coil springs than standard and very likely some fancy bling shock absorbers and bushings. Reversion back to standard is just a case of removing the modified kit and retrofitting standard coilover suspension struts. Breakers yards will be full of suitable donor vehicles, but you need to choose carefully as most vans have a very hard life and so you don't want to buy junk with weak/broken springs, knackered bushings and leaky/ineffective shock absorbers.

    If you don't want a harsh ride, then don't use shorter stiffer springs and don't fit oversized wheel rims with mere elastic bands as tyres. If your Astra is not being used commercially then you may even wish to fit the suspension from an Astra Estate which will be softer as it's designed for far lighter loads.

    But make no bones about it, replacing the whole lot won't be cheap and will likely reveal other jobs which must be done at the same time. Breaking yours to sell the most valuable parts and then taking what's left to sell for scrap at a breakers yard may be the best choice. The cheapest, simplest and quickest fix may be to just replace what now needs replacing and to then seriously consider selling the entire vehicle as it's going to become a financial millstone and give you a bad back.

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    6 years ago

    If you are concerned about the replacement cost of the coil-over springs & shocks that you have now, you're REALLY going to be upset about the cost of building a totally new suspension system under your old POS van. ANY modifications or custom added parts are going to be expensive, and MAY have trouble passing the MOT or safety inspection next time it's due.

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