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y do people think i have a big bum?

I always thought that my bum was average, maybe even smaller than average and its clearly quite bony. However while I'm in school sitting on a bench with my friends they tell me 2 move up cause my buts too big. At first i didn't take any notice of it but its been happening almost every day so now I'm getting worried. Ive also been told by others who aren't my friends that i have a big bum. Im getting worried but is there a wat to tell if my bum is too big and if it is how can i get a smaller bum. Any help will be appreciated 😀😀😀

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    6 years ago
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    Are they friends, or is there rivalry between you?

    Usually when women do this, it's not about your body, but about creating a Hierarchy, them trying to one-up you by making you insecure, and if you're insecure 'the vultures' come out.

    How you can tell if your bum is proportional, do you need to buy a larger size pants/skirt to fit your bum, or do you fit your size?

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