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Should i watch the old Jurassic Park movie?

Before watching Jurassic World, should i watch the old one before this one, i never seen the movie

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    Watch the first movie, but nothing else. The sequels were *AWFUL*.

    The first movie, however, still holds up. Still fills you with the wonder that you really believe there really were dinosaurs walking around in the movie.

    Oh, and make sure you watch it with a surround system, with the sound turned up. If you can't *FEEL* the ground shake when the T-Rex walks around and *FEEL* his roar, it's not loud enough.

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    Yes. The new Jurassic Park movie is basically a "sequel" to the first one. The 2nd and 3rd movies have nothing to do with the new movie that is coming out. Just watch the first one and you'll be good to go.

    Personally, I'm having a Jurassic Park marathon party with friends cause I think it's a great idea to watch all 3 before the new one comes out.

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    There are three jurassic park movies before jurassic world, i suggest watching all three before jurassic world. You will probably not need to watch them in order to understand the film, but i think it makes it alot more enjoyable if you know a few things about it allready

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    5 years ago

    You don't need to but it was a really good movie

    the first and second,don't watch the third it sucked

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    Yes, watch all three. That's what I'm going to do and I've already seen them dozens of times.

  • Robin
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    Try Netflix. They now have a feature that allows you to watch the movie on your computer, instantly. I think the monthly fees start at $4.99 so well worth it. I have Netflix and love it.

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    Totally, you should definitely watch it. Like I always say, you can't beat the classics. You will love it, and dinosaurs are pretty awesome

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    no. it'll probably be better if you didnt, you dont need the backstory they;ll give it to you

    part of why i dont want to see the new one is i feel like i already saw it having seen the first one so skip it and make it a new experience

  • Amy
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    5 years ago

    YES WATCH THEM! there are like 3 of them i used to be obsessed when i was younger. I was watching it last night too.

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