We're going to disney world in August and wondering wats the best restaurants to book at? We've got 2 kids, 6 and 12. Nothing too expensive?

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  • 6 years ago
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    define "too expensive".

    table service restaurants generally range from $20 to $60 per person ($10-$30 for ages 3-9) depending on the restaurant and the dish you choose.

    if that is too expensive then i'd avoid table service restaurants.

    and if you avoid table service restaurants then that leaves you with quick service restaurants and only one of those restaurants takes advanced reservations. that restaurant is be our guest which is a quick service for breakfast and lunch and a table service for dinner.

    for most quick service restaurants you'll pay $15-$20 per person ($6-$10 for ages 3-9)

    my favorite table service restaurants that i recommend are...

    -cinderella's royal table

    -crystal palace

    -garden grill (one of my absolute favorites)

    -sci-fi dine in theater (another of my absolute favorites)

    -rainforest cafe (at animal kingdom or at downtown disney. there's a lot of variety)

    -chef mickey's

    -1900 park fare (for brunch)

    some of my favorite quick service restaurants are...

    -be our guest (my absolute favorite!!! for lunch)

    -cosmic ray's starlight cafe

    -sunshine seasons food court

    -electric umbrella

    -fairfax fare

    -earl of sandwich (another of my absolute favorites!)

    -pop century food court

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    6 years ago

    We just get a meal at any of the quick-service places.

    The food's good, plentiful and cheap-ish.

    I've never booked anywhere at all, so I can't recommend one. Look on TripAdvisor - they have loads of reviews.

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