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Walking Dead question?

If everyone has the 'virus', and it kicks in when you die, what happens when someone who's pregnant has a baby that dies in utero? Does the now zombified baby eat it's way out or is it stillborn and not turn zombie for the mere fact that it's not yet an entity separate from the mother's body?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Feast on the inside killing the woman. If you watch walking dead where Lori becomes pregnant and something happens not spoiling it you'd find out

    • Sami4 years agoReport

      he's a dumbass

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    In study done on why people watch Walking Dead the CCD found that toxoplasmosis a brain eating parasite infection causes people to get a slight high from seeing gruesome scenes that are in this program, So if you enjoy watching the walking dead you may want to get tested for this parasite ASAP. until then break it down try to stay on just the facts. not what you want to believe just because you may be a 90% tor a ninety presenter.

    FACT #1 toxoplasmosis can only reproduce sexually in the intestines of a cat which is its only definitive host . that statement right there means this “without cats it cannot reproduce or regenerate itself” Therefore in a world without cats! There would be no toxoplasmosis infections causing birth defects. 10% good or 90% bad.

    Fact #2 --- There is no cure for the Brain infection; there is nothing so far that can kill this parasite in the Brain with out killing the infected person brain.

    FACT #3--- The government knows this the government infected 1000 pregnant women without their knowledge then the CDC keeps the records of these and study them through pregnancy to death and then study their babies from conception to death.

    Fact #4 less than 10% of these babies displayed superior mental awareness. This is what the government is after (the few with superior mental awareness)

    (< 100 out of 1000)

    Fact #5 the other 90% are crazy as a mongoose and very in degree of anti-social and mental disorders. (< 900 out of 1000)

    Fact #6---mumps, measles, encephalitis, chicken pox, and the shingles are a form of toxoplasmosis infections.

    Fact #7 what is it you don't understand please? Poster states get the cats tested and treated. If the infection cannot be cured have them put down, If it is true what you say your cat has nothing to worry about right. That is what you said. That your cats don't have it? However, for 25dollars we can find out.

    Fact #8---- This testing of pets is just to protect the children, the babies who cant protect them selves.

    Fact #9 ---- Toxoplasmosis is the most common parasite on the planet due to the fact that there is cat poop everywhere people let their CATS roam all over no leash. They poop in box get it on their feet track it on table tops and counters; they lick their butt, then lick their fur then lick their feet. they have a gay time of it.

    Fact #10 –OOcyst the passing stage last six month in feces--Toxoplasmosis can live for 18 months out side of the cats stomach on surfaces. Soap and water bleach does not kill toxoplasmosis, much like cryptosporidium. It builds a protective around itself.

    I wish to apologize to the 90 % I realize they may be infected and have problems comprehending scientific reports and the such. Which is what the government wants out of the 90% presenters. Which Presenters means to display or present for viewing. I myself have tested positive for Toxoplasmosis so I am in complete agreement with the poster of this query What happens to babies with toxoplasmosis infection? that would be gruesome

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  • 5 years ago

    The Baby Couldnt attack its mother properly as it has no teeth as for how the situation plays out depends on if they take the child out in time or if they kill both the mother and the child

    • Holly4 years agoReport

      They don't need death to bite, no one does. With enough force they could easily tear the skin with their nails or apply enough pressure to a section of internal flesh to cause it to bleed or even cut it.

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  • 5 years ago

    Why don't you just start playing it, and then you'll frigging find out?!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Become a pregnant zombie...

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  • 4 years ago

    Wow. Nasty

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