is a person born on july 22 cancer cusp a good match with scorpio?

Are they a good match what are some signs that are not cusp that are a good match for the sign and is being a cusp a good thing

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I really hate to disappoint you, but as a professional astrologer I have to tell you that this is NOT how it's done.

    First, the idea of being a "cusp" is a scam.

    You were born on July 22nd?

    Some years, Sun is still in Cancer at the start of July 22nd and moves into Leo SOMETIME during the day.

    Other years, Sun makes this move sometime on the start off July 23rd.

    So without knowing the year, birthtime and birth location (because time is tied to WHERE on Earth it is) ... without knowing these things, NO ONE knows if you have Sun in Cancer or Sun in Leo.

    You don't.

    And the Sun-sign writer certainly doesn't.

    What you ARE, without doing up your birthchart, is actually an undetermined Sun sign.

    You could be either . .but you are most-definitely NOT both.

    Sun cannot be in two places at once.

    And commercial Sun-sign astrology, not wanting to lose any readers, covers this uncertainty by making up the concept of cusps ... say you are BOTH, and they will hit it at least 50% right.

    Secondly, most people turn to astrology for love questions.

    Commercial Sun-sign astrology knows this, but cannot deliver accurate valid answers.

    So they just neglect to tell you they cannot do this .. and offer you a bunch of sign-comparisons instead.

    Real astrologers do up the complete timed birthchart for you, and for whatever specific individual you want to know about. They use the day-month-year, hour-minute, and location of birth to do up each person's chart.

    Then they do not compare signs .. that does not provide good information.

    They look for "synastry aspects" between any of your 10 planets and any of the other person's 10 planets.

    As for matches, there is no such thing as a relationship that is without some problems.

    And there is no such thing as an astrological synastry comparison that doesn't show some degree of problems.

    It is largely a matter of how strong and how many problems there are.

    But it is even MORE .. a matter of how emotionally mature, happy, whole, and psychologically stable both parties are. Because if they are not these things .. their relationship will not work very well, or will not work at all .. and that is true no matter HOW good the "synastry" is.

    Because astrology does not control us. It is only an influence. And only as much of an influence as we allow it to be. The more self-aware, the more choice and control we have over our behavior and over what goes on inside of us .. and the proper use of astrology is to help look inside and become more self-aware.

    At any rate, given the info you have provided, it is impossible to give you any answer that will work out as anticpated. I already explained why this is so.

    Source(s): Professionally-certified astrologer with over 40 years experience working in person with astrological clients. You don't get repeat business if you can't give valid answers.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    my boyfriend is a cancer <3, we came together perrrfectly, we barely if ever have to communicate our needs, our personalities are tailor made for one another... we've been dating 2 months though, but it's great. When Cancer and Scorpio make a good match, they tend to stay together for a long time. Oh and the girl above me is right about the Scorpio wanting to watch peoples reactions... I do that all the time. Oh yeah and about us not remembering why people get so tense around us..... Cancers also tend to understand us well, we're really not that contradictionary (if that's a word)- we're "deep" haha

  • 6 years ago


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