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Amber asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 6 years ago

Why am I not losing weight anymore?

I've been on a diet for a few weeks now, and in the first two weeks I lost 2kg, but in the third week my weight has slowed down. I weighed 61kg, and now I'm 59kg and wanting to get to 55kg. My height is 165cm. I've been having 1,200 - 1,400 calories a day, and it was working until now. I've been eating really healthy, breakfast, fruits, salad sandwiches, and of course the odd treat once a week. Is it because I'm now toning my body? I run 6km every second morning, and do half an hour of light weights between running days. Even though I haven't been losing weight, I can still notice the difference in my legs, and my jeans look nicer. So what's happening with my body?

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    Muscle weighs more than fat. Based on your experience fitting in your jeans, I would say that you are still losing your stored fat, but replacing that weight with lean muscle (which is a great thing. More muscle=more calories needed to fuel them. As long as you're using them you should continue seeing improvement).

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    maybe there's something wrong in your diet.

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