I have a crush on my boss, help?

So I've recently started a new job, and well my manager is really really cute and attractive and I've developed a bit of a crush on him.

I'm 17 and he's 23, and I definitely do not want a relationship, I just want to not have a crush on him! My voice goes shaky when I speak to him and I find myself getting a bit jealous when I see him with my female colleagues. The other day some female customers were trying to flirt with him and I just found myself getting internally angry with them, haha

I'm constantly thinking about him and I get butterflies on the way to work because I know I'm going to see him.

It's not drastic enough to leave my job, I just want this silly crush to stop!!!!

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    6 years ago

    Try to corner him in private. Explain that you don't want a relationship, but that you're keen on casual encounters. Having sex with him a couple of times will get him out of your system, as you'll probably find he's not as good as you hoped.

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