Yahoo have been messing about with my email. When I reply to an incoming email I can't find the "send" button. Where is it?

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  • 6 years ago

    First, just scroll down and look at the bottom. In many cases, the SEND button has scrolled off the bottom of the page. If you are on a MOBILE device and using an APP, find the button at the TOP RIGHT that looks like a flying envelope - that is the SEND button.

    It is possible that you have a bad cache file; Yahoo is infamous for corrupting cache files, for some reason. Sign out, clear your history, temporary files (be patient) & cookies, then RESTART (essential) the computer and retry. This HELP link has instructions: .

    Also , be sure java, flash and browser are updated, or try a different browser.

    If all else fails, use CTRL + ENTER to send it.

  • 6 years ago

    Presently there is a temporary glitch in the Full Featured version

    when trying to send an email. One of the problems is the SEND

    button is disappearing. You can hold down the CTRL button on

    your keyboard and click on ENTER to send the email if you want

    to continue using this format or you can use the Basic format. It

    seems to be working OK at this time....


    Hover your pointer over the GEAR...upper right while in the INBOX view. on SETTINGS...On the next screen place

    a check mark left of BASIC located near the

    bottom of the SAVE.


    If you decide on this format some features are missing..


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