Who do you think is the better Central Midfielder, Paul Pogba or Toni Kroos, and why?

Two of the best players in that position, but who do you think overall is better and why?

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    5 years ago
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    Kroos is light years better than Pogba will ever be.

    Kroos highest rated player in 2014 World Cup.

    Kroos the best corner kicker on the planet.

    Kroos won 10 titles, cups or trophies in last 2 years.

    Pogba won 2 titles, cupsor trophies in last 2 years.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Toni Kroos

  • 5 years ago

    Obviously Kroos as a central mid. Pogba is a superior attacking mid

  • 5 years ago


    As yucky just stated Kroos is basically a really sh#t version of xavi aka Thiago alcantara with really good set piece delivery Kroos has always been a passenger during games especially at


    Pogba is basically an African savage who is slightly smarter than all the other Africans

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    5 years ago

    lol what kinda joke is this?

    Pogba is superior AT EVERYTHING except set piece delivery, playmaking (for now..), and I'd say they're pretty equal when it comes to longshots

    Pogba is going to be the poster boy of Juventus and the French national team.

    I rate Kroos highly but Pogba will or already has surpassed him.

    Also I'd like to point out that if you praise Kroos but belittle Xavi, you're a FKN hypocrite.

    inb4 morons come and say "all pogba does is steam up the pitch at 383628 km/h and give it a good ol smack and hope for the best" absolute MORONS with no knowledge of the game

    LMFAO at Teutonazi jeez what a moron "klose>>braz1-7lian Ronaldo" now this

    • 5 years agoReport

      lmfao what an idiot

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    Anyone can go to the gym and learn to be big and strong and steam up a football pitch and boot the ball and/or a person.

  • 5 years ago

    toni kroos is the best the style of play is good and pogba is playing in a easy league serie A a piece of **** of league toni did his job good at bundesliga and now he is doing it good enouhg at la liga

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