What subwoofers can I install to the soundstream bx-12?

Have 2 12" kickers compvr their about 400rms

And what amp should I use

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    The bass EQ has no impact on what subs you can use.

    CVR's are available as dual 2's or dual 4's which is a big factor in what amp would work best.

    I would go with a class D mono that's 800-1000w rms at either 1 ohm (if you have dual 4's), or 800-1000w rms at 2 ohms (if you have dual 2's).

    $150-180 for a low cost 1 ohm amp. $200-250 for something a little better.

    2 ohm amps tend to be more expensive. Probably ~$200 on the low end, $300-400 for good quality.

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