I want my rook pierced but my job won't let me?

I work on a fresh food counter and there's a no piercing policy, in case they fall out etc. Which is fair enough. But I've wanted my rook done for ages, and I know it's not likely to fall out but my boss won't see that...I'm just wondering how long it would take for it to heal enough for me to take it out for 4 hours (that's how long my shifts are) without it healing/becoming sore/infected? How awkward is it to change, because it looks difficult? Would it be worth it now or should I just wait a few months until I leave to go to uni? I'd have to keep it covered with a blue plaster before I can take it out at all which would look a bit silly lol. It's a new store, so maybe they'll become more lax on uniform? I don't know, advice please?

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  • 6 years ago

    Anything through cartilage is going to take 6-12 months to heal completely. And even when it is healed that doesn't mean that the hole is going to stay open without the jewelry in it for an extended period of time -- your body might close piercings quickly, it might not.

    You should never cover a healing piercing with plaster. Doesn't seem like it'd be a good idea to get the piercing right now, sorry.

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  • Strand
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    6 years ago

    It would probably be 6-8 weeks before you could take it out. But I would hold off on getting it done until you are finished with this job and you can care for it properly. You don't want to cut corners with a cartilage piercing.

  • 6 years ago

    It would take at least 3-6 months to heal fully.

    So no, there would be no point getting it now; wait until you go to uni.

  • 6 years ago

    youd need to have it for a WHILE before you could take it out for that long without expecting it to close

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