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RB asked in Cars & TransportationBuying & Selling · 6 years ago

Where can I buy a DVD "Used Cars" except I want what was shown on TV?


The TV version didn't use the F word every few seconds. I like the story line. I am wanting to show it as a family video.

How can I tell if it isn't rated, or how can I specify this?

2 Answers

  • LOL, try Amazon and see if they have it them.

    Look for general audience like Family rated not R- Rated and I think you can find out if they use cuss workds etc on the DVD, you also can chat with the customer service there to make sure they don't have any cuss words on the DVD, maybe even check it out if you have Prime with them and see/watch the show first before ordering it. Most times it is cheaper to watch it on their website then to order the DVD so try that first.

    I watch some movies and TV shows on there if I miss an episode or something so I use it a lot.

  • 6 years ago

    look on ebay

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