Transphobic police officer?

I'm a 23 year old transgender white female living in a college town. For the past 2 to 3 years I have taunted and harassed by a few officers which I have kept to myself. In October I met these 2 gentlemen Friday evening and agreed to hang out. Parked In a park parking lot. The gentlemen claimed to be uncle and nephew. The uncle said he was 25. "This was around one in the morning" I offered him oral sex. Walked up to the restroom and got in the there and couldn't do it. So I walked out and there was this officer that taunted me before. He handcuffed me. Set me on the ground and pointed to me and said to the gentlemen "you know that's a man right ?" Anyways, the cop accused me of giving oral sex in the restroom and charged me with indecent exposure. Yet he didn't charge the guy with the same thing or a lewd act ? I was not caught because I didn't do anything. And to come to find out the nephew was 16. And he told the officer I offered him oral. Now the officer is trying to ruin me. He charged the guy for having marijuana in his pocket and let the 16 year old walk home after curfew. I have never been in trouble and also im very big in my Community with volunteer work etc. and the officer gave me misdemeanors first and scratched those and gave me felonies instead. After letting a officer friend of mine in a different county read the violation complaint. Why am I charged so harshly and he's not getting the same charge ? And him Giving a minor marijuana.

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  • Squid
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    6 years ago

    File a complaint with the police department.

    Also, contact local LBGT support groups for some advice. It's not hard to find an LBGT lawyer that would be willing to sue the police department for a few million for violating your civil rights. It's unlikely you'd actually win any money, but the officer could end up getting fired.

    It also depends on your state. Transgender is a protected class for anti-discrimination laws in some states but not all.

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