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Does anyone know of an "Answers" site that is properly monitored?

I have had enough of having questions deleted when I'm attempting to answer them, and having my answers deleted by internet bullies. Yahoo! have abandoned any semblance of moderation and anyone with an axe to grind can delete questions and answers at will.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

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  • Ray
    Lv 6
    6 years ago
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    You could try Wikipedia:Reference desk

    It has zero tolerance for misuse, and they'll actually ban users by IP adddress. As with here, moderation is collective - but there's a very high standard of community responsibility (which includes responsibility of posters not to goof around). The bias is toward strictly factual questions.

    But really, it's not going to make much difference unless you apply such standards to yourself. If questions are deleted as you're answering them, you're answering reportable questions that *you* should have reported rather than answered; and if your answers are being deleted, the chances are that they're violations.

    > It's about people who delete valid questions they don't like

    No, no, no. This is *always* the complaint about deletion. The reality - when the actual question is provided - is almost invariably that the question breaks some kind of guideline. Rant violation - question used as a soapbox - is a very common one. If a question offers something unlikeable, the chances are that it's being used as a soapbox to advance an opinion.

    Show us an example of a question allegedly deleted as something someone "doesn't like". I can near-guarantee it'll be a rant violation.

    • This question was deleted but reinstated when I complained to Yahoo. This is typical of the problems encountered when all I'm trying to do is answer technical problems and put an alternative view to the naive.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I find it ironic that you're asking this on Yahoo, but anyway.. is similar to yahoo

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  • 6 years ago

    Sounds to me like you don't like to obey the rules.First of all,you don't answer Qs that are violations & in danger of being reported.Secondly,you don't POST Qs that are violations & sure to be reported.Follow that line & you will be smiling.This site is properly monitered.

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