Abusive boyfriend always convincing me to do things I don't want to do?

We have dated for a year, broke up twice but never stopped talking to each other. We got in a huge fight last night cause he pressured me into staying the night at his house when I wasn't for sure about it and were only teens.. Well his mom caught us and made us split up in different rooms and in the morning she was telling me we are really young and shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. After that I told the guy I need some time and that he needs time too because he's imature but he still tells me he loves me and we are still talking. What should I do??

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    6 years ago
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    Sounds like he is controllinh /: I've been there sweetie? Don't let him pressure you, if it was the right time, you'd know. I've delt with very similar things when I was a teenager, its tough, but when you said after you said that he told you he loved you? He might have really strong feelings for you, But i think he said LOVE so you wouldn't take time off from each other, guys do weird things sometimes. Don't let him get inside your head, and stick to your guns. Any guy that pressures you, honestly isn't worth having. I hope this helps girly! If you want to talk more, leave a comment and ill give you my email address

    Thanks for answering my question

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