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Why isn't Josh freeman or Terrell Pryor on an NFL team right now?

I know this may seem judgmental to say but I still think the NFL is racist about having a minority QB on the team. Josh Freeman is young and has seasons of success and is only 26. And Pyror is such a threat with his legs and made some great throws last year I just don't know why they aren't on team.

Watching games and seeing Josh McCown, Jake Locker, Shaun Hill, and more nobodies who don't deserve a job in the NFL struggle it makes me wonder why these two guys don't have jobs.

BQ: Will either of them be signed by an NFL team this year? If so which?

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    Not for nothing but Josh Freeman is a better Quarterback than most of the starting and backup Quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Why is a guy like Charlie Whitehurst a backup QB in the NFL and Freeman and other guys....including Pryor are not in the league? I don't have the answer, but it isn't racism and it isn't because they suck. Freeman in particular was stuck in a bad situation in Tampa with the coaching carousel and then went to the Vikings where they fed him to the wolves without giving him time to prepare. His time in NY was never going to work out because the Giants already had commitments before they brought him in and they went with the cost saving alternatives in order to spend on offensive linemen to protect Eli. I am hopeful Josh Freeman gets another opportunity to play in the NFL and prove all the haters wrong.

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    These guys did have their shot and didn't work out!Plain and simple.Tim Tebow accomplished more then these two combined and he has his supporters as well still wondering if a team will give him a call.He fits in the same catagory.

    Pryor was just given a tryout with Tampa Bay don't know how that turned out.Quit blameing racisim 80% of the league is black.I will give you that those QBs are not good but really Freeman and Pryor are not any better.

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    Because they both suck. Freeman had his chance and blew it by going on a stretch of 8 games or so where he was god awful, and Pryor was a supplemental pick who led the Raiders to a great 4-12 record while playing like crap when he was healthy, and then getting hurt and outplayed by his backup.

    McCown had a REALLY good stretch last season with the Bears where the offense looked unstoppable under him. Locker was playing pretty well until an injury sidelined him for most of the season. And Hill is brought in by teams to be a backup, not the regular starter.

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    Pryor made "some" great throws? Does that make up for the 6 terrible ones he made for each good one?

    Simply put: They had their shot, and they blew it.

    If they don't have jobs because the NFL is racist against black QBs, then why are EJ Manuel, Cam Newton, Geno Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and RGIII all starting QBs?

    Oh, that's because the guys I listed DON'T SUCK.

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    If you think they don't have jobs because the NFL is "racist", then you haven't been watching the NFL long and certainly not last season when both proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither are capable of winning in the NFL right now.

  • Cu Tie
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    5 years ago

    Actually, my best guess is that Josh Freeman and Terrell Pryor probably developed a poor work ethic during recent offseasons. However, if Freeman and Pryor rededicate themselves to work hard and perform very well in practice every day, they will greatly improve their chances of getting signed to play for NFL teams in the future.

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    Both of these qbs are terrible look at the stats not that great yes maybe they had a good season but the rest isnt that great. If you think its about racism thats sad. In that case the nfl is racist that JaMarcus Russell isnt on a team-_-

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    Because they can't read above a 3rd grade level and were unable to learn their playbooks.

    You can't be completely uneducated and play QB in the NFL

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    I think Josh Freeman had the greater potential but somehow lost it (head case) and Pryor thought he was all that and really wasn't.

    If one is signed it probably will be Pryor.

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    They aren't very good QB's

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