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Bella asked in PetsBirds · 6 years ago

Favorite/Best Type of Conure and Why?

I'm interested in getting a conure sometime in the next couple months or so. I am financially able to own and care for one and am currently in the process of researching conures in general and selecting a particular species to look into more closely. I first looked into Black-Capped Conures, and I really like them, but I soon realized there are so many other types to look at as well. because there are so many, in addition to researching some my own, I thought it might be a good idea to ask the people of YA what their personal favorite type of conures are and why, so that i can know a bit more about different species that people hav had good experiences with. I would preferably like one that is easy to keep hand tame (I will be buying a handraised baby from a breeder), quick to learn tricks, on the smaller side, and if there are any types in particular that get along better with dogs (I would never allow the bird and dog out together unsupervised, and never with my german shepherd, only with my Yorkie under complete supervision). Also preferably not too loud. I don't care much about talking ability, but that's always a cool plus haha. Thanks for reading! I will give Best Answer to whomever provides the most informative and relevant answer.

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  • Yogi T
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    I have had a few conures and loved them all. My first was a feather picked rescued nanday. Extremely intelligent. Stubborn as all get out. Noisy. He could carry on simple conversations and ask questions like "Wass that stuff?" He wouldn't shut up until you gave him an answer he could understand and then he would say "OOOOHHH " and go about his business. He named me Silly So. I had him 24 years . He was almost 28 when he died in my hands.

    The next was a Patagonian conure---Very intelligent. Would line up her foot toys according to color. The size of a mini macaw and extremely noisy but the personality makes up for the noise. The reason I got her was because she was so noisy and her owners couldn't have visitors--she was that noisy.

    The last is a gold capped conure. Very pretty bird can be noisy but mine isn't too bad . Loves to play and show off his tricks.

    Most conures are noisy so keep that in mind.

    You might want to consider a Senegal. Very active. Love to please and not too noisy at all.

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