How long does it take for economy shipping take from france to u.s ? I ordered an item from Mercari ?

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    As Mercari is a website where sellers list the items they have available for sale, the shippers the seller may select to transport the buyer's purchase could vary; FedEx, United Parcel Service (UPS), DHL, La Poste.

    A parcel coming from France into the United States will need to pass through customs, so there could be some additional delays in the delivery to the destination address. The major carriers do not list an eceonomy rate for items coming into the United States. FedEx and UPS indicate they can take a parcel (declared value $20) shipped in France on 22 September and deliver it to the destination address by 29 September. Expect DHL service would take a similar amount of time to travel from France to the United States.

    If the seller shipped using the postal carrier La Poste, the shipped parcel would be handed off to the United States Postal Service (USPS) for delivery to the destination address here. A guess of two to three weeks for the delivery using the economy rate mentioned in the question and factoring in custom delays; estimate delivery date of 4 October.

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    Probably a week but in the meantime share and use this code on mercari -xeeeqv

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