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Looking for a old eBay Account For Sale ?

Does anyone know where to look to buy an old eBay account ? I am looking for an old account which has no selling allowances on the account ? I don't mind if it an account not selling anything at the moment or a running business. I am looking to start a business on ebay but need a better headstart. Can anyone help me with this >?

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    It seems that you are in a urgent need of reputed Ebay account for business purpose. Considering that I can suggest you this place from where many people buy high rate Ebay accounts. And from the reviews, it seems they have great feedback. So you can buy securely.

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    6 years ago is currently listing for sale old eBay account with positive feedback. The site claims to have a technical team that specializes in programming, coding, scripting that knows how to give you a fully working eBay account to get you back on track selling your merchandise.

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    6 years ago

    My god, how many times do you need to post this crap? You posted like 8 times on looking for an eBay account. Are you trying to game Yahoo answers? Or are you really just a moron?

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    I suggest to trust professionals.

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