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hi my erection is only 4-5 sec i m 39, wt to do , how to get longer erection , any doctor to see pls advice ,?

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    this is not good... i have read the viagra thing that comes with it and it says that if you have an erection that last more then 4 hours to talk to a doctor or call an ambulance beause that can cause serious heart problems. if you do not go to a hospital now you migt not have an erection again and or have kids. go to a hospital and have it checked... the erection is when blood doesnt flow good throu your penis and your balls start reproducing sperm. go to the hospital and they will have to take all that blood out of there if you want to have an erection again.

  • 6 years ago

    There are many reasons why you are not having proper erection. And that is a real issue as it would effect your sex life badly. So my suggestion would be to take care of this issue seriously and do what is needed. You are not alone who is facing issue with erection.

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    You don't need a doctor to tell you this part. Take Viagra.

    But since you're there, check for your cholesterol as well. It can cause impotence.

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    give details is it erection disfunction or premature ejaculation ?

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