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I would like to know what conservatives really think on conservative issues.?


1) What do conservatives believe with amnesty for Illegals?

If enacted who would it benefit, their employer or the Illegal? Would it make any difference for them to stay in the country?

2) Do conservatives believe only people that can afford health Insurance should have health Insurance.

3) Do Conservative’s believe the ACA was a Conservative Idea to force people to buy Health Insurance to stop the free loader from abusing the system and make it more affordable for everyone?

4) Do conservatives believe Liberals only want to stop the mentally Ill and Felons not to have guns.

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    1. They need a path to citizenship, not amnesty. This would include paying taxes and learning English. There are people in line to get here from Asia, etc. We should reward people for breaking the law.

    2. People that could not afford health insurance had Medicaid, Medicare, S Chips and Hospital Charities before. Now the middle class will be unable to afford it when they're employer dumps it next year.

    3. It was a Conservative idea originally that was chunked because it wouldn't work, is unconstitutional and most doctors are against it.

    4. Liberals have a range of feeling about gun control, but they want gun control.

  • Lincoln declared that he was conservative, and he gave his own very clear definition of conservatism, so there is no doubt what he meant.

    I agree with Lincoln's conservatism. I am a Lincoln conservative.

    1) I do not believe Lincoln would approve of illegal immigration today. No, he would not approve of amnesty, and the main benefit would be more votes for Democrats for condoning more illegal activity than they do already.

    2) Lincoln would not approve of freeloaders getting handouts from the government. He gave blacks freedom, not free money. People should pay for what they need. If they can't pay, then it's up to family, church, and private charities to provide for the needy. It is not the role of government.

    3) ACA is all on Obama. Lincoln would be appalled by ACA and everything in it.

    4) Lincoln would have no idea why anybody is trying to infringe on the Second Amendment. If you are concerned about criminals and the mentally ill, then keep an eye on them and don't pester everybody else because of it.

  • 1) Conservatives do not support giving special benefits and privledges ONLY to people who broke the law and BECAUSE they broke the law.

    2) Conservatives do not believe a bureaucrat who will never meet you should have power to CONTROL what sort of "coverage" you are forced (or forbidden) to buy. We also do not beleive expanding the proved cause of LITERALLY ALL complaints with our "health care system" is the best way to FIX those problems.

    3) Conservatives do not beleive a program that ONLY DEMOCREATS supported was a Conservative Idea. We also do not beleive doing the SAME thing AGAIN is going to have OPPOSITE results as literally all Democrats expressly claim. In all of known time - everywhere in the world - and for all products and for all services - using law to insert third (or more) parties beteeen consumer and provider has ALWAYS (literally always, not merely most of the time) yielded price escalation, quality deterioration and shortages. No exceptions - anywhere - ever. Not being bat-**** INSANE we do not beleive ACA will be the known universe's FIRST exception.

    4) Conservatives KNOW that literally 100% of Liberals' "gun-control" proposals CAN be applied ONLY to LAWFUL citizens and that in ALL mass-killing cases, not even one liberal has ever suggested THAT venue should have done anything different nor failed to demand SAFER places COPY that venue.

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    They would have to check their Fox News and then get back to you.

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