So have we evolved enough to recognize female sports that have typically been male, boxing, soccer;etc..what do you think?

I'm talking about the women who really hammer it..not those ladies in the revealing outfits and make Lingerie League..but say like the Pgh Force..they are full contact footballers and are going for the championship.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Not all of us have…but I have. I enjoy watching women in basketball, boxing, soccer, tennis, track, baseball, etc. Tennis used to be dominated by men…in fact, most sports (if not all) were. Women are human too and if a person enjoys a sport then they shouldn’t have a bias based on which group of people are being involved. I think women often add an element to sports that men don’t. Women might have a different set of skills but many are highly talented, athletic, strong, fast and determined which is fantastic to watch. As for football…well I’ve played it before with women in high school and with various groups (the groups were guys and girls) and we did alright. I honestly think football is generally too dangerous for anyone. Most of those guys are far too big and their size have hurt men who were just as big as they were. I think that sport is in need of reform, to be honest. But anyway, I do watch it occasionally and if they created a league for women, then I would enjoy watching them play. Sometimes I prefer watching women play sports (especially some sports) than I would if men were playing it.

    As I said, it’s the style of play, and I’m likely not the only guy who does. If you look at the Olympics, many women won gold and silver medals in various fields and it was widely reported in the newspaper which clearly indicates that guys also enjoy watching them as well. Venus was my favorite tennis player growing up and I would watch her all the time at my aunt’s house. I admired her strength, determination, speed and refusal to give up. She made me proud with every contest that she won. I like Serena, Sloane Stephens and those other twin girls as well. Laila Ali, Marian Jones, Swin Cash, Nneka Ogwumike, Sofia Young, Jacque Frazier and others can also be admired for the skills they bring to the table. If people are saying that they can only admire men in a sport, then something is wrong with them. I don’t care what justification they use to back up their argument: it’s not based on anything except a deeply ingrained bias that should have been left behind centuries ago. I don’t get why women couldn’t play football since they will have trained for it, will wear padding and will be playing on grass. I played with guys and girls in the snow and no one got hurt. We played touch AND tackle. That’s the difference when people take actual precautions to ensure that no one gets hurt. Men are humans too and can be hurt by hard tackles. That’s because the padding isn’t strong enough, the ground also isn’t soft enough and many of the players are far too heavy. Sports should be based on skill, not on breaking people in half. Anyway, I would say that we are evolved enough and those who can’t accept it, should find something else to do or move. There is no logical evidence to suggest that women can’t run fast, throw a ball, kick a ball, hit a ball with their head, catch a ball, etc. People said the same thing when the WNBA was coming in and look at it now. I’ve played soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball and football with guys and girls and we were fine. In this case, women will be playing in a separate league so I don’t get what the problem would be. Did you know that when Venus and Serena hit those balls in tennis that they’re often going at speeds of nearly 100 mph? Laila Ali also knocked out many women and no one died. That shows that women can take hits and can deliver them. All they need is training…just like the men would need training. An untrained person or a person who doesn’t practice will get hurt no matter what gender they are. We have evolved enough…and it’s a shame that it hasn’t been taking place already. I think everyone has the right to live out their dreams as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

  • 6 years ago

    I don't think so. Watching female MMAs is very difficult. It makes guys feel like something bad is happening, especially when a woman getting her brains beat in and no ones stopping the fight. I think football would be similar. When women get hit their bodies don't seem to react like guys, I would seriously be concerned about someone getting injured the entire time while watching the game.

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