My boyfriend is texting another girl! What should I do?

We've been dating for 10 months so I definetly love and trust my boyfriend! He started talking to this one girl Katelyn before we dated (I was pretty good friends with Katelyn cause we have common friends but other than having similar friends she is a very snobby and rude person) and he really liked her but then she told him that I liked him and he started talking to me. 3 months later since we had been dating I heard that Katelyn liked my boyfriend (more than just a friend) so I made him stop talking to her. Then yesterday they saw each other at a resturant and later she texted him "it was nice to see you earlier(:". That totally pissed me off and my boyfriend wanted to text her back so I let him. I just don't trust her at all cause she has back stabbed so many people I know! My boyfriend tells me everything they talk about but I still am really uncomfortable with them talking. What should I do? Ps: I already told my bf how I feel but he wants to be friends with her and he wants me to prove that I trust him nothing will go on bettween them...

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  • 6 years ago
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    Tell him you don't want him to talk to her anymore and that you're not comfortable with it... If he respects you as his girlfriend and your wishes, he'll stop talking to her. If not, well, you deserve someone better that will give you the respect you desire.

  • 6 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with your BF having friends. If you trust him, as you say, then why are you worried about him texting a friend?

    If you don't trust her, and your BF knows it, then I can understand where you'd feel the need to control his actions but if he's not cheating, then he does not deserve to be told what to do. You can't make a relationship work by testing the other person's boundaries.

    If he gives you a reason to not trust him, then by all means, dump him. But don't judge him guilty without evidence, that just makes you look insecure and needy.

  • 6 years ago

    I been through this . Trust me you won't regret it ! Tell him to stop texting her , why will you let your boyfriend text a girl you dont trust ! Sometimes we have to be a ***** and tell them to not talk to certain girls . I'm telling you now DONT LET HIM TEXT HER ANYMORE !

  • 6 years ago

    Let him be friends with her bc theres nothing going on between them. He wants you to trust him, dont be clingy, that way you will only give him reason to lie to you. I know its hard bc she likes him, but hes you bf, not hers, bc he doesnt like her in that way, guys can have female friends and be absolutely faithful to their gfs. You should know your bf pretty well by now to know if hes in that category. Good luck, and be relaxed ;)

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