How do I sell this boat?

I bought this boat 6 years ago as a fixer upper. Never used it much and stored it the rest of the time.

When I bought it the owner had a Certificate of origin for the trailer but that's it. It is plated but I don't have the paper copy. The boat has pleasure craft numbers on it but again, no paperwork. I have an old pleasure craft licence transfer sheet but the names are probably from previous owners before I bought it. I have the bill of sale with the owners name and signature but not address or phone number, also don't have the date of purchase. I can't be certain the guy lives around here anymore to call him up.

Question is:

If I pursuit new paperwork and trailer registration am I going to get taxed? is it 13% (I am in Ontario) not that it is ethical but if I change the selling price could you get away with it?

It was not bought at a dealer, it was through consignment.

Would the MTO be able to grant all this to me with what little info I do have? I want to sell this boat but I also don't want the new buyer to have issues registering it either.

1 Answer

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