What does my dream mean?

Okay, so usually I don't remember my dreams at all and then I suddenly remember this one. I dreamed that my family had just moved to what we thought was a three story, really old house. My brother and I explored it, finding that it was actually six stories tall but I never saw the sixth story. We found a huge library and after some looking around I found a book about sunflowers. The author was "Madeline M." and I went to my room with it. I started to read it but I found a bookmark that had some words written on it. "This book belongs to Madeline." is what was written on it. A few days later strange things happened when my cousins came over. Turned out a ghost, Madeline, was haunting me. I somehow got into contact with her and she apparently thought that she was reincarnated as me. And that she really didn't like my dad. I have no clue what it means but it was weird.

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    That could be a past life recollection dream. It is possible that Madeline was

    a former personality that you lived. Change from one gender to another is not

    unusual in the scheme of things. The six story house could certainly conceal

    a lot of past life materials and memories.

    You may have opened the door to some exciting past lives. I suggest that you

    start a journal about such dreams if they continue. Explore the old house. Don't

    be afraid, you are still alive despite multiple deaths during other life times.

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