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Advice on joining the U.S. military?

This is a long story but I'll try to shorten it as much as possible.

1. I always wanted to join the military and still want to. The experience, honor, pride, and all of the above is just incredible and not something everyone can do. (Im already accepted into the Army RESERVES, as in I did my physical and all that, just havnt signed a contract yet.) Meaning I will do my service AND go to school at the same time, therefore I will continue my education as desired.

2. My dad and brother dont support much my decision as much as I wish they did (my dad said a couple days ago that he will not be too happy if I do join), reason: my dad is afraid I'll be brain-washed, hurt either physically and/or mentally (and he is right, but i dont care), another reason is that he tells me that I should only focus in college and college only (they say: "youll be receiving orders every second of your time in service if you join" they want me to be successful - education wise. Im studying entrepreneurship so i will start my business after i get out of service).. but, my mom, sister and little sister are ok with it.

3. If I do join, Im afraid I'll ruin my relationship with my father. I mean he pays for everything I have: car, phone, internet, medical insurance, a roof obviously, and food most importantly. So I could lose this from him if I disobey him.

Im rly frustrated, Idk what to do anymore. What would u tell someone who ruins your dreams just because they are afraid of something happening 2 u

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    You should join if you truly want too! When i joined the Navy no body in my family realy approved of my choice. The tried to convince me not to go etc. As much as it weighed down on my mind i joined and left. Now that ive been in my family is proud haha. Your dad is going to be aafraid of the unknown. Haha i havent experinced any brain washing as far as i know haha.

    You gotta do for your life what will make you happy. Your dad has lived his life. Now you should have the right to live yours a do what you want.

    Dont look back 20 years from now and regret not doing what you truly wanted. It sucks.

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    The last nut job who thinks my day job is killing babies, you're welcome . That is not at all what the military is or does. I've never killed a baby, have helped deliver one in a sandstone hut. It's not all that bad. The brainwashing? Not sure what that's about. I can understand that from the outside looking in its foreign. If your father loves you it's not going to change. You should weigh your options and make the decision that's right for you. It's not for everyone. If you want to know what it's about go talk to some enlisted men ask questions. Not all branches are the same so ask questions. Just don't listen to what it is about from people like the one above who obviously doesn't know .

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    Why don't you join the Army National Guard? Most states have an EXTRA tuition assistance program where you receive tuition assistance to STATE colleges. In addition to federal programs that you get if you join the reserves.

    Also applies to AIR National Guard.

    Your dad might see things differntly when you are contributing to the cost of your college.

    My father was totally against me joining. He never liked it. His brother was a combat vet with the USMC and my father legally avoided conscription during war.

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    The experience, honor, pride?

    Experience: The experience of killing people is not a real highly sought experience. Try slashing a few puppy's throats for practice. If you are okay with it then you're a perfect candidate for the military.

    Honor: The honor may come, but albeit from the wrong element. If you train to murder people on foreign lands because the rich and powerful want to extend their conquests you may gain honor back in the good old USA. However your honor will not extend to God, all other people of the world, or even yourself if you are a decent human being.

    Pride: Yes. Pride like a deer hunter, a serial killer, or a baby molester. It is a sense of pride to have contributed to our planet in a way that was negative, hurt others, and was for unreasonable cause. Yes, stupid brainwashed Americans will support that pride, but the rest of the world with sound minds will view you as evil, murderous, and quite frankly, stupid.

    Good luck!

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    Go to college and join the ROTC, they even have scholarships.

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