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Recommended places to go in France?

Paris is the place I'm mainly going, but is there any other good towns or cities that are worth visiting? Are there any more good attractions apart from the Eiffel Tower. I'm going in September-October time with school as an exchange program.

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    A great place is the Mercantour national park, you can stay at Saint Martin Vesubie and explore around.

    The town of Baduen, by the lake of Sainte Croix, at the Verdon regional park.

    Tourrettes sur Loup is a charming town, lots of arts.

    Saint Rémy de Provence and Manosque, very nice too.

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    There about 36500 places in France - Cities - communes - etc.

    Almost all have websites - I am right now getting information from a commune with a population of 850, where there is an excellent. site.

    So you can check one town every day for the next one hundred years and just about your study. Pick out your favourite area and then search the towns and villages.

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