Which government party do my ideas represent?

I find my ideas are unique and combine a little bit of both liberal and conservative ideas. So I want to know if theirs a third party that really shows my ideas for the most part.

1. I believe we should worry about our own problems and people as a country and not get involved with other nations. (giving 1 billion dollars to Ukraine) (invasion of Iraq). Other countries can solve their own problems and if you talk to the people in those middle eastern countries we get a bad name because the people there see us as a bully. I think we should spend money on our people and only our people.

2. We spend a billion dollars a year on the military and are the #1 military spending country in the world. 60% of our money goes to it while only 6% goes to education and 5% to Science, and if you add the next 80 military spending countries after the U.S we still spend more then all of them do combined. It's insane. We should cut back on the military as we don't need to spend this much money. We're not in a war we should spend 8 million a year we already have enough supplies for wars we don't need to get involved in.

3. I am straight but I believe in gay rights and gay marriage.

4. I believe in equal rights to woman

5. I think every person should be allowed to have a gun as long as they pass a background check.

6. Low taxes, the government doesn't need as much money as they say

7. Give more power to the states to make their own laws then the federal government.


3 Answers

  • 6 years ago

    Welcome to the Libertarian Party.

    Source(s): www.lp.org
  • RJC
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Conservative libertarian

    You are fiscal conservative and socially liberal.

  • 6 years ago

    You sound like an independent. Just vote for whoever you think fits your beliefs.

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