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tick problem (car, clothes)?

I live in rural area of the Northwest (Montana). The other day I went hiking for about two hours through a forested region. On the car ride back I noticed that there were several ticks on my clothes. I counted at least more than five that I managed to kill with anti-septic wipes. Furthermore, I was also hiking with someone else who also found many ticks on their clothes. I am fortunate to be able to say that I was not bitten. I am worried about the clothes that I wore that day and my car. That day I put all of the clothes that I was wearing into the washer and dryer. To my surprise I still found ticks on my clothes (alive) when I took them out of the dryer. I put the clothes out on my apartment balcony, because I did not want to risk having them crawl out into my apartment. I am still worried about my car and I am purposely staying out of it until I know that the ticks are gone. Is there any way that I can get the ticks out of my car and out of my clothes? If I leave the car alone for about a week or so, will the ticks have died? or will they reproduce? same for clothes?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Go to any Petco and get some Frontline spray.

    You can spray inside the car and leave it closed up overnight, and the ticks should be dead. Put some on your hiking clothes and toss them in a clean trash bag, and leave them overnight, and then wash them. Done.

    Ticks can survive unbelievable conditions- but not chemicals specifically made to kill them. they even have a substance in their blood that allows them not to freeze in the winter. I'm seen the wretched things walk over snow.

    This isn't cheap, but it's safe enough to use near you, and a bottle will go a long way. Don't get any of the cheaper brands that claim to be organic - this stuff is engineered to act only on the fleas and ticks. The organic stuff is NOT non-toxic and can give you a nasty rash. It also often does not work. I cannot vouch for the newer knock-off products that also contain firpronil- they may or may not work. Frontline is old, tried and true, and safe.

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  • 6 years ago

    hot soapy water and hot dry should get rid of those ticks......

    next time tuck your socks in to prevent the little suckers from going up your legs.

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