Compare and contrast Islam and Christianity?

Compare and contrast Islam and Christianity. Give specific examples.

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    JUDAISM/ISLAM - says that no human can ever die for the sins of others

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - says that Jesus died for the sins of mankind

    JUDAISM/ISLAM - says that all humans are born pure, and innocent

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - some say that all humans are born with 'original sin'.

    JUDAISM - a “virgin birth”/offspring w/human women is a pagan myth mainstay – G-d doesn’t become human

    CHRISTIANITY/ISLAM (incl. ‘messianics’) - says that Mary gave birth, though a virgin

    JUDAISM - says that the Jewish Messiah won’t need a 'second coming'

    CHRISTIANITY/ISLAM (incl. ‘messianics’) - says that Jesus will have a 'second coming'

    JUDAISM/ISLAM - says that every human should speak directly to G-d

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - Jesus claims in the 'new testament' that the 'only way' to G-d is via him and often pray to Jesus before G-d

    JUDAISM/ISLAM - says G-d is one, indivisible, cannot be separated into three aspects/incarnations

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - some sects speaks of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

    JUDAISM - says that we are ALL equally G-d's children

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - says that Jesus was 'god's son' above all others

    ISLAM - some Muslims claim that the prophets are perfect and have never sinned, others believe the prophets sinned and repented

    JUDAISM - has no concept of 'hell'

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - *some* Christians believe non-believers go to 'hell'

    ISLAM - most Jews and Christians and all non-Jews/non-Christians go to hell though some state that only Allah knows who will end up in hell

    JUDAISM - has no 'devil', the Jewish 'Satan' is just an ordinary angel, under G-d's control

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - describes 'Satan' as a devil and 'fallen' angel

    ISLAM - Satan was a jinn created from fire

    JUDAISM - the 'messiah' will be a normal, mortal man who must fulfill all the Jewish messianic prophecies in one normal, mortal lifetime

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - Jesus was the 'messiah' and will fulfill the prophecies when he 'returns'

    ISLAM - believes Jesus was a prophet, not a “son of G-d”. Mohammad is the last prophet

    JUDAISM - says that the righteous of ALL faiths will reach 'gan eden' or 'garden of eden'.

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - some Christians insist that only those who 'know Christ' can reach heaven

    ISLAM - some Jews and Christians will reach Paradise, Muslims reach paradise and have it better than Jews and Christians. Many Muslims believe that G-d judges all equally.

    JUDAISM - The “law”/covenant is seen as a blessing, not a burden that can never be fulfilled. Being perfect isn’t the point in Judaism. Being aware of the 613 commandments, we have G-d on our minds almost hourly. That is part of the covenant, we obey G-d’s laws and G-d ensures Judaism will survive forever.

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - Views the commandments as restrictive and impossible (except the 10 in stone). It is believed in Christianity that the death of Jesus was necessary because living by the laws is impossible and view the commandments as something of a curse.

    ISLAM - Views religious laws as part of the religion and of being observant and submissive to G-d, much as Jews do.

    JUDAISM - forbids Jews from trying to convert anyone to Judaism

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - believes in actively 'witnessing' and encouraging people to convert to Christianity

    ISLAM - all must convert to Islam or pay a fine to remain Christian or Jewish and live as 2nd class citizens (all others must convert or die)

    JUDAISM - The Torah remains unchanged

    CHRISTIANITY (incl. ‘messianics’) - differences from the original Torah

    ISLAM - claims the Torah and Christian bible were corrupted (with no proof)

    JUDAISM/ISLAM - no concept of original sin

    CHRISTIANITY incl. ‘messianics’) - some sects of Christianity believe in “original sin” to justify the need for a savior. Others believe that humankind cannot keep from sinning and requires a savior to cleanse them.

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    Islam prayer traditions focus on physical issues, such as posture, wording, and ritual.

    The Bible however depicts faithful servants of God (Christians) as praying in many settings and postures. They prayed silently or aloud as the circumstances dictated. They prayed while looking up at the sky or while bowing down. Rather than using images, beads, or prayer books as aids in prayer, they simply prayed from the heart in their own words.

  • 6 years ago

    islam is a copy cat version of christanity

    christianity has moved forward but Islam is still not with that backward thinking

  • Islam/Bible says God is ONE

    christianity says God is 3 in one, the son is God and the father is God, but they are same

    Islam/Bible says Jesus was a servant of God, who prayed, worshiped and cried to God

    Christianity says Jesus is God

    Islam/BIble says that Muhammad(saws) is the last and final prophet of God who must be followed, otherwise God will punish us....

    - Christianity/christians don't agree to that.....

    Islam/Bible says that you have to seek forgiveness to be forgiven and God will forgive you

    Christianity says that God can't forgive you, he had to let his own innocent son get tortured and killed to let the sinners run free.... you just have to believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you will be forgiven even if you rape, murder and whatnot

    Bible references given



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