I need an outfit idea for highwaisted shorts?

These are my highwaisted shorts http://m.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=1... but I need a shirt too maybe a crop top but not to short cause I have a bad tan line. And accessories and shoes. Something summery yet boho chic I love lace and bandeaus also. thanks

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  • Mabe
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    6 years ago

    Fitted t-shirts, with lace trim, or sparkly designs look good tucked in with a cool belt.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Check out http://www.pixiemarket.com/shoes.html! Loads of cute clothing that will totally match your shorts! xx

  • 6 years ago

    Ooh I love this kind of question hahaha and I love those shorts! For a top, I'd say wear a loose crop vest. I'll leave the links in the sources.

    For shoes, I'm loving the new white chunky sandals. Again, I've left a link in the sources. Definitely check out this link because they're so gorgeous and SO cheap!

    I'd say to go for a vintage belt, maybe a chain belt, to grunge up the look. I'm not leaving a link for that but if you type 'chain belt' into eBay, tonnes of stuff comes up.

    Then I'd wear a really lightweight boyfriend jacket (left a link)

    And then I'd wear that with a fedora hat, and some white nail polish to enhance your summer tan, and some statement jewellery. Maybe an ear cuff as they're coming back into fashion, and a chunky gold necklace (or silver if you chose a silver belt) and lots of chunky rings, and maybe a cuff gold bracelet. Then a simply dewy bronzed makeup look and some beach waved hair will finish the look.

  • 6 years ago

    tucked in muscle tee with a bralette or bandeau.

    A lacy crop top.

    something like this http://canada.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?B...

    a white loose fitting sheer tank top with a bikini/bandeau underneath maybe with a baggy cardigan over top

    Combat boots look killer with high waisted shorts even if they're not that summery

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  • 6 years ago

    Picking Out the Right High-Waisted Shorts

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 1.jpg


    Choose a waist height based on your torso length. You could pick up any pair of shorts labeled as "high waisted" in the store, but if your torso is a bit on the short side, you might want to consider a shorter waist height that can mimic the look while still flattering your body.[1]

    Note that the same principle applies if you are especially busty. Well-endowed women tend to have less torso exposed, so wearing shorts that cover too much of your torso can make it look unbalanced and unnaturally small.

    For busty women and women with short torsos, consider looking for shorts that extend past your hip bones but do not quite make it all the way to the narrowest part of your waist, where standard high waisted shorts go. Mid-rise shorts may suffice just as well as high waisted shorts.

    Of course, when all is said and done, all you can really do is try the shorts on and determine if you like the way they look. There is no written rule concerning how long a woman's torso needs to be to wear high waisted shorts, so if the best you can do is to play around with a few different lengths and choose what you like best.


    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 2.jpg


    Show a little leg, but don't get carried away. Many high waisted shorts are fairly short on the bottom, which allows you to balance out the excess material on top while making your legs look longer.

    As a general rule, if anything other than leg is peeking out from beneath your shorts, it's time to look for a longer pair. Similarly, if you can see the interior lining of your pockets from beneath the bottom hem of your shorts, the shorts are too short.[2]

    Also note that high waisted shorts that show a lot of leg are better for casual styles, but if you want a classier look, you will need to go for a classier, more conservative length. If you want to dress your style up, you should go with high waisted shorts that do not violate the “fingertip rule.” In other words, when you rest your arms straight down along your sides, the shorts should not be shorter than the end of your fingertip.

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 3.jpg


    Look at the overall fit. Not all high waisted shorts are made alike, and not every pair will fit your body like it should. Make sure the shorts flatter your stomach and bottom before you try to sport them.

    Thankfully, most high waisted shorts mask your tummy and eliminate any “muffin top” that might show up when you wear a low-rise bottom. That said, if the zipper or top snap is bulging out or digging into your stomach, it can look just as bad.

    The shorts you choose should also have a lot of support in the rear, especially if you tend to be a little wider around your rear, hips, and thighs. The shorts should be well fitted to prevent any saggy backsides but not so tight that you look “squeezed” into them.

    Also experiment with both loose and fitted varieties. Fitted varieties work well on women with skinny legs, but if you feel less than confident about your thighs, shorts with looser leg cuts might be more your style. Again, however, finding the best fit for you will require you to try on different types and look in the mirror to determine which you prefer.

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 4.jpg


    Take pattern and color into consideration. The simplest high waisted shorts are made of simple, standard denim. If you feel like being a little bolder, though, you could try a short in a different color or one with a texture or pattern on it.

    If you want something a little classier or dressier, look for shorts in neutral colors like white, ivory, tan, brown, or black. Also limit any textures to subtle ridges or fine lace print.[3]

    On the other hand, if you want to be a little more daring, you can look for stronger colors and more vibrant prints. Pastel colors and classic yet bold prints—pinstripes, polka dots, florals—can be chic, while bold hues and neon colors, along with wild patterns—animal print, Hawaiian print—tend to be a little more wild.

    Part 2 of 4: Choosing the Right Top

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 5.jpg


    Tuck your shirt in. This is a pivotal point of the high waisted short style. Tucking your shirt into the waistband of your high waisted shorts will show off the high waist, thereby maximizing the tummy-flattening and leg-lengthening effects.

    When you tuck your shirt in, make sure that the fabric left out is straight and even. If you tuck your shirt in haphazardly, you can end up looking like a slob very quickly.

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 6.jpg


    Keep it casual with tanks and t-shirts. These are your simplest options for high waisted shorts. Simple does not mean boring, though. You can still create a fashionable outfit by playing around with colors and prints.

    For something chic, go for a standard tank top in a classic color, like black or navy blue, and pair it with a neutral high waisted short.

    For something a little bolder, wear a bright shirt with a patterned short in coordinating or neutral colors. Alternatively, you can wear a shirt in animal print or another bold pattern with simple denim shorts.

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 7.jpg


    Try a cropped top for a more daring look. A cropped top stops just above the narrowest part of your waist. As a result, it also stops just shy of your high waisted shorts.

    The only skin that should show is the part between your belly button and ribcage. Since this is the narrowest part of your waist for most girls, it can be a flattering look.

    Be especially bold with a bralette top. A bralette top is a vintage-inspired piece that is very form fitting and usually stops just above the belly button. The outline of your bra area shows through the top, making it very daring.

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 8.jpg


    Dress up with a flirty, feminine blouse. If you're interested in wearing your shorts for a casual-dressy affair, you can pair them with a nice blouse that is just as trendy.

    Loose fitting blouses tend to pair well with tighter high waisted shorts, while slim fitting blouses tend to work better with shorts that are looser in the legs.

    Balance color and pattern for a well put together look. You can wear all neutrals if you want, but if the colors are neutral, consider incorporating a classic pattern like a pinstripe or a texture like lace on either the top or bottom. Keep the details to one or the other, though, and do not wear pattern or texture on both your top and bottom.

    The other alternative is to use color. You can stick to simple patterns or all solids if you include a little color, but adding color to the top will generally look dressier if your shorts are in a neutral color.

    Wear High Waisted Shorts Step 9.jpg


    Go for vintage chic with a loose button-down dress shirt. For a classy, vintage look, a button-down shirt with a retro print and a loose fit is the way to go.[4]

    Good retro prints include polka dots, pinstripes, and small florals.

    Note that even though the shirt should be loose, it should also be fitted. An oversized men's shirt is not a suitable choice.

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