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I have some questions to ask?

1) Why do Muslims put so much emphases on Muhammad? I'm they practically boarder line if not fully worship him, get mad if u name a toy the same NAME and always quote what others HEARD him say.

2) How accurate are Hadiths? I'm i have read some disagreeable hadith in my time, yet people think its pure gold nuggets. If the Quran is a complete book and final revelation, what's the purpose of hadith? It can't be complete if you have to go to another source for details.

3) The treatment of women! That is a biggie! Why do they cut off their body parts and throw acid in their faces? Or why do they kill the rape victim and let the raper go free? How fair is that? How come ladies can not marry outside the religion? I mean she doesn't have to follow her husbands religion if she doesn't want to, it's America for goodness sake!

4) Why'd u turn the Hajj into a money making deal? I mean packages? Seriously? What is it history and how do u know Abe built the Kabba?

5) Why are there only 3 prayers in the Quran if you suppose to do 5? Does hadith, the word of man, rule over Quran, word of god? Or is there something I'm missing?

6) Where does it say in QURAN!!! EXPLICITLY!!! that tattoos and piercings are haram? No Hadiths, just quran please.

7) If you accept Polygamy (the marrying of one or more spouses which goes for both man and woman) then why can't the women marry more than one husband?

8) What's the thrill on bashing other religion and saying they are going to hell?

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    1)Why do Muslims put so much emphasis on Muhammad? They have to or they'll get killed for apostacy. Muhammad is like Kim Jong Un, either you venerate him or you'll get killed for it.

    2)The Hadith are a work of comedy. Check this out. ('an,_Hadith_and_Schol...

    3) That, I will admit, is purely cultural. Acid throwing and honor killing is a common practice with Hindus and FGM is also practiced by Christian Africans.

    4) There is no actual proof that Abe built the Kaaba.

    5) Islam is known for its contradictions and that's another one.

    6) Hmm I can't answer that.

    7) Because at that time, men were the main bread winners and that was to provide financial support to some women.

    8) Nothing. It just proves that Islam has no tolerance for others, which is why they are hated everywhere they are.

    Source(s): Jabar, an Ex-Muslim
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    1. Prophet Muhammad is in no way worshipped in Islam. He is respected as a prophet sent down by God to man to guide them, just like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc.

    2. Hadith are the sayings and recording of the Prophet and the Imams. Some are weak and some are strong. The Quran is the basic text for Muslims which is sent by God to help man.

    3.Cutting off hands and throwing acid in faces and letting the rapist go free is not Islam. Those are the wacky extremists in Saudi Arabia who do not practice real Islam.

    4. Islam doesn't turn Hajj into a money maker, people do. Yes, you must spend money to travel, but it should not be overly excessive, I agree. Islam states that every Muslim must attempt to make the Hajj at least once in their life, provided that they have the money and are in good health.

    5. We'll, there are 3 groupings of time (Dawn) (Noon, Afternoon) (Sunset, Night), but you still must pray the five prayers.

    6. In Shia Islam, tattoos are perfectly fine, as long as there is nothing negative or inappropriate about them. I can't say any evidence for Sunni, because I am Shia.

    7. This is a very long question. I have found a pretty good link for it, though:

    8. The bashing of other religions is nonsense, and is Un-Islamic. In Islam, we are taught to respect all religions, There is a certain group, called Ahlul Kitab, or People of the Book. They are Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Sabeans. These people did receive the Divine Revelations. Look it up.

    I hope I have answered your questions regarding Islam!


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    1. we only worship ALLAH , but we {muslims } should love Muhammad {pbuh} more than anyone {except Allah} to us our prophet is the best in mankind , he fought for our religion and gave everything he had "to his Ummah " he loved us so much even though he never seen us , he said I'm missing my brothers {us } so of course you wouldn't like anyone to disrespect or mock your loved one (:

    We love Muhammad.

    Oh yes we do .

    He is our Prophet.

    To him we're true.

    Blessed Rasulullah , it's you!

    Muhammad, we love you

    2. through hadith we learn the history and the life of our Prophet {pbuh} , it also helps to understand some verses in Qur'an

    not all hadiths are true , so many of them are against the teaching of Qur'an .

    Its better to take what supports the Qur'an and leave the rest {in my opinion }

    3. answer to Q1 " it's not from Islam it's cultural thing"

    answer to Q2 "again no such thing in Islam "

    answer to Q3 " In Islam the father is in charge in the household than the mother so if the father is misguided , more likely the whole family will be misguided in many ways " .

    "it's America for goodness sake! " who cares about America , we are talking ABOUT ISLAM FOR GOD-SAKE ^_^

    4.Why'd u turn the Hajj into a money making deal?

    we don't , we go to Hajj to visit the "house of Allah " and worship our creator

    What is it history ?

    well, if you want to know the history its too long to write it so " GOOGLE IT " .

    and how do u know Abe built the Kabba? I don't exactly know who is "abe " but we believe whatever its in the Qur'an


    6. there is none [ as far as I know ]

    7.woman is mother so can you imagine 4 men coming and going and checking every year who is the father for the new baby { how about for those countries who don't know what does even DNA means ? }

    its just disgusting woman can't take that and her Lord knows best .

    there are more woman than man in this planet and most of times Muslim man should marry for purpose for example he should marry an orphan girl or a woman who have kids and need help or a divorced one , plus a wife can say my man is not allowed to marry with me (:

    have you ever asked "mormons" the same question or ? -_-

    8. whoever doesn't believe in Islam and reject it will go to hell , there are some people in other religions that don't know Islam or just heard it but haven't search it and haven't seen any Muslims around them who are doing "dawah " so the Qur'an talks about those who reject the word of ALLAH not those who don't know it (:

    hope I helped.


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    huh. Some will neva learn

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    They have a major dilemma. Without Mohammed the whole Islam breaks down completely. So they have to accept all the bad, inhuman and absurd things, too.

    There is no solution.

    Dr. el Hakim

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