How to fix this with my boyfriend?

So today my boyfriend and I had plans to hangout but one of my friends since pre-k asked me to hangout and I asked my boyfriend and he said it was fine if I went with her. ( just so you know we also planned on hanging out tomorrow all day) but he acts like he doesn't even love me like I went by his house to ask him and when I left he didn't kiss me goodbye or say he loved me but I said I loved him. I said I would make it up to him tomorrow any ideas on how to fix this.

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    First off, was it another guy? Secondly, you had already made plans with your boyfriend, it was rude to decide to spend time with someone else instead. Next time, arrange a different time to hang out with your friend. You need to apologize to your boyfriend. He probably feels like he isn't as important since you gave up his time to be with someone else. Best of wishes!


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  • Brian
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    7 years ago

    Talk things over with him, don't over do it though because it may show to him that you're insecure and that'd be a turn-off. Thank him for allowing you to alter your original plans with him and maybe do something special for him... ask him what would something special be that you could do for him and roll with it perhaps.

    Good luck.

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