My 1992 Ford Mustang (Foxbody) only starts twice everday because it wont start for third time when engine is warm?

My 1992 mustang foxbody will only start twice on each day because engine was warm . Won't start for the third time and yes I have gas tank full of new fresh gas , so that's not a problem

could it be fuel filter or fuel pump related?

Please help!! I am 17 and I am driving this car to high school on first day ( Junior Year ) because I don't riding buses filled with noisy kids.

The engine is v8 302 5 liters.

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  • 7 years ago

    Replace the ignition coil, that's what happens when they go bad, if no ignition coil then the magneto but I think for this year model is ignition coil, if this don't work, next step the fuel pump

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    4 years ago

    1992 Fox Body Mustang

  • 7 years ago

    The cause is most likely one of two things.The tfi ignition module or the pip(profile ignition pickup)sensor inside the distributer.Either one of these parts can be the culprit.I know because I've got a 91 GT with a 331 stroker.Don't waste your money buying a ignition module at Autozone because it will go bad in 3 months time.Buy one from the dealer or a oem Ford part from can however take the ignition module to Autozone so they can test it to let you know if its bad.You'll have to buy a tfi ignition module socket to remove the module.Its bolted to the front side of distributer and has a grey wiring harness attached to it.Be sure to buy the correct dielectric grease or module grease to coat the backside of module with or you'll burn it up after a few starts.Heatsoak and engine vibration is what causes it to go bad.The distributer gear will have to be removed as well as the shaft and other internal distributer parts,in order to access and replace the pip sensor.

    Source(s): Once you get the ignition module off,turn the distributer upside down and you'll see 3 terminals that the ignition module pins were pushed into,this part is the pip sensor.Autozone can test the ignition module but can't test the pip sensor.If the ignition module isn't bad,the pip sensor is likely bad.Check the coil for spark too.It can also go bad from heat.Its ok if its producing spark.The clutch interlock safety switch(manual)or neutral safety switch(auto)or ignition switch can also cause no start.The ignition switch is the only part out of the two which will cause shutdown,the neutral safety only affects during starting
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