questions to ask a girl i'm interested in?

There is this girl I have been talking to for awhile now. Sometimes I go black though and don't know how to keep the conversation going. My friend said to try and ask her interesting questions that will get her talking and engaged with me. He said that's the best way to build comfort and trust with her which will lead to attraction later on.

The problem I am having is I can't think of any good questions to ask her besides, what's your favorite color, or favorite animal. Can anyone provide me a list of good questions that will get a girl talking?


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    What's your favourite movie? (Tell her ur favourite movie, if she hasn't seen it, take her to see it, bam, you have a date)

    Source(s): Imma girl
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I am not comfort with all of these questions. If you love someone then the answers and the questions are no matter. silence is the best and both know everything through silence ...

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    What's your favourite book?

    Have you always lived here?

    Who's you're best friend?

    What's the best party you've been to?

    Do you like making new friends?

    What's a good movid that's out at the moment?

    Do you play anything like Xbox?

    What's you're favourite Disney film?do you have any brothers or sisters?

    Do you want less or more siblings?

    What's your favourite kind of food?

    Do you like (your favourite food) ?

    What sports do you like? Do you play any?

    What do you want to do when you leave school?

    What's the thing you love most about living here?

    Favourite chocolate?

    What's your favourite holiday?

    Favourite school subject?

    Daytime or nighttime kind of person?

    Have you done an all nighter?

    Worst truth and dares?

    if you just get to know her honey, everything will work itself out :) and don't push too much with conversations, just let it flow and if she wants to open up she will :) if not then give her a little more space and see if she comes back.

    Also, remember to not be too clingy as this is exactly what's me right now, so good luck!!!! Xxxxx hope it all goes well and you make yourself at least a new good friend. :-)

    Source(s): I'm a girl :) xxx and this is the sort of thing I ask when stuck for conversation :) xx hope it's helps even a tiny bit :-) xxxx
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