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The Bundy Issue, Question Since he renounced his American Citzenship what rights should he be allowed as an American.?

What kind of American would stand up for a man that hates America.

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    He was willing to pay until he decided he no longer wanted to. He claims he's a patriot and waves the flag because he's smart enough to know that idiots will back him up, even though he's a thief.

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    Exactly when did he renounce his citizenship?

    Why does renouncing your citizenship mean you hate America? Maybe you're just afraid of a government that can bring a full military assault on you and your family because they say you owe them a few bucks.

    Yes, it went to court. And, who makes up that court? Government officials. Exactly how do you think they'd rule? Would you ever choose to do business with a company that gets to write, interpret, and enforce all the pieces of the contract with no outside unbiased mediator?

    If so, let's do business. I'm going to get every penny you have and any future pennies.


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    I don't see where he renounced his citizenship. That rancher and others like him work for a living and provide food for Americans. He was called a "domestic terrorist" by a man who's biggest achievement was to keep from being indicted for real estate fraud.

    What kind of American sells public land to a Chinese company to line the pockets of himself and his son?

    The only people I see that "hate" America are people like Harry Reid.

  • Obama hates America and he's the president!

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  • Alika
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    Squatters have rights too :)

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