My ace ring is coming in the mail and my parents don't know?

I ordered an ace ring (asexual ring) through amazon with my gift card and my parents don't know. I thought it would be in my mail box because it's small buts it's coming through USPS and it will probably get here before I do and my mom has a tendency to open my and other people packages... So she may ask " did you order this black ring?" " why would you order a black ring" I want to say because it's cool but... I don't know... Please help! ( also they don't know I am asexual)


Daughter Of Nyx, I got it from KONOV off of Amazon, it was $2.99, but with shipping it was $7.84

2 Answers

  • 6 years ago

    Your parents will have no idea what it is. Tell them whatever you want and don't sweat it. Btw, where did you get it?

    Edit: Ty, they have a lot of great stuff.

  • 6 years ago

    just say its a mood ring that was on sell i thought it looked cool be extra say it matches my shoes jackets or my new shirt

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