Why doesn't my internet work unless completely restart?

So I've had internet problems in the past, but never as weird as this. The first time I noticed it I had no clue what to do. It had seemed like I tried everything! I've checked my wireless settings tried restarting my modem multiple times etc. However with all the frustration I just held down the power button and shut my computer off that way because I was so aggravated. Next day I turn it on to try different things it works again! But after shutting down the traditional way of going to the start menu, and it doesn't work the next time. So... it only works when I hold down the power key and shut it down immediately. Has anyone else had such problems? If so what should I do? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers! :)

1 Answer

  • Paul H
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Try running system restore , choose a date before it went weird.

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