I don't understand Disney's Sleeping Beauty?

Okay, so I was rewatching Disney's Sleeping Beauty as I had not watched it since I was a kid and I was left with some nagging questions, so I'm hoping that some major Disney fans out there can help me out.

First, I don't understand why Aurora was taken to live in a cottage for her whole life. Maleficent specifically states that Aurora will not be in danger until the eve of her 16th birthday so why hide her her whole life? Why not just hide her for a few months when she's 15 until she turns 16? That way, she would be able to grow up and know her parents/Philip etc.

Also, despite hiding her for 16 years, instead of waiting until THE NEXT DAY as in the day after Aurora turns 16, they take her back to the castle on her birthday, then leave her ALONE in a room where Maleficent shows up and hypnotizes her.

Does anyone else not see these huge plot flaws? Why the hell would the fairies hide her for her whole life if they were going to take her out of hiding before the the eve of her 16th birthday. I just don't understand.

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  • 7 years ago
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    wow you think quite deep for a disney movie viewer...

    haven't you ever read the disney book version or original version?

    first of all, the PARENTS of the princess were afraid despite having blessings that their child would be in danger if she remains in the castle. so they gave her to the fairies with their magical powers. it's called overprotection.

    second, the fairies let her go because the princess fricken wanted to leave. she probably would have left even without the fairies' blessings so they just let her go. i mean they'd probably decided to trust the princess to protect herself despite the prophecy and all. they may have let her go cause they knew that she would be saved anyways due to her blessing.

    third, the fairies probably had not expected the wicked antagonist to appear when the princess was alone. i mean this happens in all stories like this one. the evil one appears when all the side characters least expect it.

    i mean u dont have to really think logically here...it's just a disney movie, intended for children who don't get logic quite well...yet.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think if you're having trouble understanding a movie geared towards children, you might want to ask yourself a few questions.

  • 7 years ago

    Perhaps because they believe that she is old enough to safely reside in the castle; I guess that they were mistaken.

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