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How do I get over my celebrity crush?

I know celebrity crushes and normal and all that but mines has been the same person for three years now. I don't actually want to have a crush on this celebrity anymore but they're so beautiful I can't help it. I'm sure if you've seen her - Shay Mitchell, you'd agree. It pisses me off even more that she has a boyfriend and she's way out of his league (in my eyes), it's some stoner called Ryan Silverstein, he just isn't attractive in the slightest and he does drugs and stuff.. I always pictured her with someone handsome like Zac Efron or Chase Crawford.. you know? Anyway, I'm kind of going off topic here. So, how do I get over her?

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    Well, she is really pretty! Sorry not helping, I know!

    I suggest you start looking at girls around your area, maybe go into or other dating sites and find ways to entertain yourself with what is attainable. You may find a look alike, who knows! She is your type of girl and there's girls out there that look like your type! Find ways to open up to real possibilities. I have a crush on a celebrity, it's been over 10 years, "Smallville". I still look at his pics, like his Facebook stuff, follow him on Twitter, but I am married and have kids. I actually managed to make my life real and I love my kids and I really love my hubby ( he has Smallville's eyes, I melt when I look at them). Just find a way to separate reality from fantasy and you will be fine! It's not a bad thing to have a crush, but you have to understand that if she is living her life the way she wants it, then you should do the same. Agree or not!

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